Emulates key strokes, clicks and combinations automatically


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  • Version 9
  • Works under: Windows 95
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  • Program by Auto-Keyboard

Auto-Keyboard is a program that can automate repetitive mouse and keyboards tasks.

If you find yourself repeating certain keyboard presses, mouse movements, and mouse clicks, Auto-Keyboard is a tool that you can use to automate that work. It works across all Windows programs, including games, and it lets you assign any number of actions to a single button press. Auto-Keyboard has a simple, intuitive UI, so creating macros and assigning hotkeys is fast and easy.

You can choose to create these macros manually, but Auto-Keyboard has a recorder as well. Turn the recorder on, and the program will add all of your actions to a new macro. This function is particularly convenient for recording mouse movements. When the recording is complete, you can use the macro as is or edit it by adding or deleting actions manually.

If you need Auto-Keyboard to move the mouse to a particular textbox, for instance, before entering text, it can do that. It can also hold the mouse pointer steady and repeat mouse button or keyboard presses in sequence. This functionality works across all keyboard buttons and mouse buttons, including non-standard buttons.

Auto-Keyboard allows you to add delays to the action sets as well. You can create a delay between any mouse movement or keyboard button press or mouse button click. To understand this usefulness, consider a scenario in which you have to click a submit button and then wait several seconds for the next form to appear.

Auto-Keyboard cannot log the actions it carries out, which is something many similar programs do. Such logging may not be a necessity, but it does make it easier to analyze and tweak macros. In addition, Auto-Keyboard doesn’t support advanced Windows mouse movements, such as dragging and dropping a file. The included help is minimal at best. Fortunately, the program is mostly self-explanatory, but if you do run into a problem, you’ll need to seek help outside of the software.


  • Repeats mouse and keyboard inputs
  • Moves mouse pointer
  • Groups actions into a single function
  • Assigns function to a user-defined hotkey


  • Little built-in help
  • Lacks support for advanced mouse movement
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